Hi everyone! Hope you’re doing well! 2020 has been a very special and emotional year. In these uncertain and anxious times that we spent most of it at home, music gave us the comfort, energy and escape we needed. Last year, I shared with you my favourite albums from 2019 and this year I’m sharing with you the albums I listened to the most in 2020. These are the ones I liked the most and that have made my year, and I am happy to share them with you!

After hours- The Weeknd

It is, in my opinion, one of The Weeknd’s best albums, and I would even say of the entire year 2020. He tells a twisted and toxic love story on this new album, through a musical style from the 80’s that’s very pleasant to listen to. Abel Tesfaye shows his vulnerable side in this album by sharing moments and personal experiences, which allows us to understand the human behind the artist. I appreciated that he adopted and appropriated a different style for this record and showed his ability to handle different musical genres. He really managed to create a whole universe around this album that is shown through his musical performances, his music videos and his style, which I find fascinating and outstanding!

  • Here are my three favourite songs from the album:
    • Save your tears
    • In your eyes
    • Scare to live again

Future Nostalgia- Dua Lipa

A musical comeback in force for Dua Lipa! Her latest album inspired by the 90’s includes various rhythmic and dynamic songs. I have to mention that the 90’s references in her music videos, her clothing style and the aesthetics of the album are really well done. It’s a very good album by the British singer that I strongly recommend !

  • Here are my three favourite songs from the album:
    • Levitating featuring DaBaby
    • Love again
    • Physical
    • Bonus: Fever featuring Angele

Folklore – Taylor Swift

Speaking of a successful musical comeback, Taylor Swift has also come back in force. This album, called Folklore, is for me a beautiful return to her roots, country style music. Taylor not only sings on this album, but also tells a series of stories, which makes the album much more interesting to listen to. It’s an album I wasn’t expecting at all, but for which I’m grateful, because in this hectic year, it has brought a bit of calm and serenity.

  • Here are my three favourite songs from the album:
    • The last great american dynasty
    • Illicit affairs
    • The 1
    • Bonus: The Lakes

BONUS: Evermore- Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift would have waited until the end of the year to release another new album that is in the same vein as Folklore. Just as successful!

  • Here are my three favourite songs from the album:
    • No body, no crime featuring HAIM
    • Champagne problems
    • Gold rush

Hold it together- JP Saxe

one of my favourite songs!

If you follow me on instagram, you know that I like this Canadian singer a lot. You probably knew him in 2019, thanks to the song If the word was ending featuring Julia Michaels. I really liked his first EP, Hold it together, composed of 6 songs about his failures in love, but also about his steps towards healing. It’s a beautiful EP that mixes jazz and country tunes and puts forward his style of music very influenced by R&B pop. In 2020, he released the first part of his album, Both can be true. Definitely an artist to discover!

The EP is composed of 6 songs that I invite you to listen to!

The kids are coming- Tones and I

If you’re like me, you probably knew the talented Australian singer Tones and I because of her hit Dance Monkey which recorded more than a billion views on Youtube. It’s only a few months ago that I discovered her other musical titles, most of them coming from her very first EP, The Childs are coming. It’s an album that delivers powerful messages propelled by the singer’s unique voice. I love this album for the essence it gives off, hope and energy!

  • Here are my favourite songs from the singer:
    • Never seen the rain
    • Bad child
    • Fly away
    • Ur so fu**ing cool
    • I can’t be happy all the time

Man on the moon III: The chosen- Kid Cudi

Man on the moon III is the third album of the same series by Kid Cudi. Officially released on December 11, 2020, it is an album about mental health and Kid Cudi’s return to his roots. I would describe it as a very good listening experience!

  • Here are my three favourite songs from the album:
    • Another day
    • She knows this
    • Dive

Mesdames – Grand corps malade

For the seventh album of Grand Corps malade, he decided to create an album where he pays tribute to women. It’s a powerful album that I really liked, especially since women are in duet in each song, like Louane, Camille Lellouche and Suzanne. With his unique pen and the perfect rhythm that accompanies the voices, it’s a touching and inspiring album.

  • Here are my three favourite songs from the album:
    • Derrière le brouillard en duo avec Louane
    • Mais je t’aime en duo avec Camille Lellouche
    • Un verre à la main en duo avec Laura Smet

Elements vol.1 – TOBi

My most beautiful discovery of the year! Tobi is a Nigerian-Canadian artist emerging in the world of music. He has a magnificent voice that varies according to the different rhythms pushed by a soft jazzy production. I am a big fan of his album STILL which I encourage you to listen to, but recently, his latest album, Element vol n.1 is the one I have enjoyed the most. I hope you’ll like this album, it’s worth giving it a try!

  • Here are my three favourite songs from the album:
    • Shine
    • Family matters
    • Matter
    • Bonus: City Blues
Photo de Elviss Railijs Bitu0101ns sur Pexels.com

I enjoyed sharing with you the albums I listened the most in 2020, and now it’s your turn to share with me your favourite albums! I would also like to know if in 2021, you like the music articles so that I can continue writing some. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with me in the comments, I always enjoy interacting with you!


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